Mara Blak was born out of a desire to give women a true chance to express themselves, to make sure every women has a chance to show who they really are. MARA BLAK - a brand dedicated to quality; offering classic, modern and unique style to women. Who we are evolves over time; Mara Blak understands and celebrates the woman who lives by her own rules and inspires other with her sense of style. Our designer inspired leather handbags, jewelry and limited edition collections define the quintessential women; capturing her essences. Our success is rooted in uncompromising devotion to style without sacrificing quality or style for affordability. To allow women to be who, they want to be. So whether you’re the brightest star, the playful coquette or the sophisticated sexy siren there is something for every woman at Mara Blak.


Finished jewellery is compiled of gorgeous AA+ quality pearls and gemstones and are directly from the saltwaters of Shanghai , along Yangzi River. All of our Pearl Jewellery is designed with the team at Mara Blak and made on site abroad.

With 15 years experience and their own pearl cultivating farm which covers a total area of more than 2,000,000 square metres, advanced technology in polishing and a strict processing manufacture line, quality control and management system, you can be assured the jewellery pieces are of high quality.

All experienced staff and certified specialists pay careful attention to all details in order to create truly beautiful pieces, including freshwater pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl bracelets and earrings.

Mara Blak is proud to work closely with an exceptional great team to get the perfect result and finished design, pearls and gemstones to suit everyone.


Sterling Silver never goes out of style and remains a classic addition to any wardrobe. Silver is a genuine precious metal to complete your wardrobe with sophisticated or trendy jewellery designs.

Mara Blak works closely with most skilled sterling silver artisans around the globe, with the most alluring, fashionable and classical silver jewellery design at the most reasonable and affordable prices - giving you a significant and competitive beautiful look.

Mara Blak guarantees every piece in the sterling silver range are real with 925 silver stamp (unless stated otherwise), with additional anti-tarnish, pure silver or rhodium plating on top, again, for some items giving different looks. Mara Blak ensures and is strict, that all artisans, manufacturers require control standards and routinely are testing for solid, 925 sterling silver purity.

The look: a product plated with Pure-Silver has a white look, while a product plated with Rhodium has a greyish look.

Tarnish: a product plated with Pure-Silver will tarnish faster than a product plated with Rhodium.

The material: Sterling Silver and Rhodium are different metals. The feel: while a product plated with pure silver has a light feel, the same product plated with Rhodium will have a heavier feeling.


Embrace your style with a gorgeous Mara Blak leather handbag and make a statement.

Mara Blak creates a selection of magnificent leather handbags made from 100% genuine high quality leather, craftsmanship and style at affordable prices.

The leather bags are inspired by designer label bags, from sophisticated, strong, elegant to contemporary, soft, chic and feminine.