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About Us

Mara Blak works in collaboration with artisans and jewellery makers in locations including Europe, Mexico, Asia, India, United States and Australia, specializing in the production of exquisite handmade and beautifully handcrafted jewellery.

Born of the desire to give women an opportunity to express themselves, Mara Blak is dedicated to quality, offering classic, contemporary and unique styles which give every woman the opportunity to show who she truly is. Like fashion, and like you as an individual, who we are evolves over time to celebrate the quintessential woman who lives by her own rules and inspires others with her distinctive style.

Mara Blak’s  classic and boho couture-inspired jewellery collections represent the essence of the modern woman while maintaining a timeless allure. Our uncompromising devotion to style and commitment to quality and affordability allow every woman to be who she wants to be. Sophisticated siren, the playful coquette or feisty femme, there is something for everyone at Mara Blak.


The exquisite raw gemstones used in our pieces are ethically sourced from around the world. Mined in line with fair trade principles, polished using advanced technology and with strict quality control of the manufacturing process which are overseen by experienced, certified specialists, you can be assured that all Mara Blak jewellery pieces are of exceptionally high quality.

Mara Blak is proud to work closely with an extraordinary team to create the perfect finished design featuring pearls and gemstones to suit everyone.

Mara Blak’s one of a kind gemstone collection draws inspiration from the power of natural gemstones and their particularities- each piece is unique.  If a customer likes a particular pendant gemstone that has already been sold, it is possible to produce similar design, but the gemstone will not be the exact same. This is what makes it mysteriously and powerfully fascinating.

Each gemstone pendant setting has been made for this individual stone. No one else will have an identical piece, making your pendant unique and one off.


Sterling Silver never goes out of style and remains a classic addition to any wardrobe. This precious metal is used to complete unique pieces that complement your wardrobe with sophisticated, on-trend jewellery designs.

Mara Blak works closely with skilled sterling silver artisans around the globe to achieve alluring, stylish jewellery designs at reasonable and affordable prices. Every piece in the sterling silver range features a 925 silver stamp (unless stated otherwise) so you can be confident in the authenticity of the piece. Mara Blak ensures that all manufacturers adhere to quality control standards and routinely monitor 925 sterling silver purity.

Furthermore, our pieces are finished with additional anti-tarnish, pure silver or rhodium plating in some cases to achieve a specific look. While a product plated with pure silver has a light feel, the same product plated with Rhodium will have a heavier impression. Products plated with Pure-Silver will tarnish faster than those plated with Rhodium and require regular cleaning in line with recommended care guidelines.


Make a statement and embrace your exclusive style with a distinctive handcrafted wrap bracelet.

Mara Blak’s collection of exquisite women’s wraps offer quality craftsmanship and bespoke style using the finest silk thread, beads and semi-precious gemstones at affordable prices, all inspired from traditional, bohemian to contemporary couture lines.


Stainless steel is a highly durable metal popular in jewellery design and is very much on-trend right now.

Due to it’s silvery appearance and ability to resist oxidation and corrosion, it is widely used by jewellery makers to produce a variety of designs.

You’ll find some beautiful pieces in our collection fashioned from this versatile, hypoallergenic material. Make a statement with an exquisite Mara Blak stainless steel piece.


Copper, gold and brass each produce a vibrant metallic colouring which makes them ideal for creating a range of beautifully coloured, distinctive jewellery designs.

Copper is generally a gold-toned alloy with brass being available in more red-orange hues. Gold, of course, needs no introduction! In addition to their aesthetic qualities, these materials are hard-wearing, making them a fantastic option for jewellery pieces that last.

Take a look through our store to find a range of pieces created by skilled artisans using copper, brass or gold plating. All of our products are lead and nickel free for your safety and comfort.